Logisail - NMEA Test  

In order to test the wiring and the parameters of the Serial connection, we provide a generic program to test it.
You have to provide the parameters of the Serial connection. It will spit out the bulk data read from the device, so you can see what can be read...

Tap the icon labeled NmeaTest

Tap the Config button

These are the default parameters for most of the electronic devices providing a serial interface.

Modify whatever you want, and tap OK to validate, or Cancel to return to the original config.

To make sure everything is ok, this program requires you to go manually through all the elementary steps. The first one is to open the serial port. Tap open.

And next, once the port is opened, you can begin to read. Tap read.

If all is ok - if a device is connected - you should see what's read from the device...


Returning from the same path, you will have to stop reading before closing the connection. Tap stop.

Tap Close.

Now, you know the parameters that work. Good!
This will allow you to know between others what the NMEA prefix of you device is.
In the example above, the prefix is GP.
For a GPS, typical sentences would be GLL and RMC.
For details, check out http://www.nmea.org

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