Logisail - Logging Data  

This document explains how to use the Palm application to log the data read from the serial port of your electronic NMEA device.

Tap the icon labeled Logisail

This is the home page of the application.

Let us first see how to configure the application. Tap the Config button

The values displayed here (4800, 8, 1, None) are the default ones for most of the NMEA devices.
Below, we indicate the NMEA prefix (GP for GPSs, II for most inboard eletronics, etc).
Next, we indicate, separated by blanks, the IDs of the sentences we want to log. Typical sentences for a GPS would be GLL or RMC.
For in-board electrnoics, recommended ones would be GLL or RMC, HDM or HDG, MWV, VHW, DBT. See the official NMEA specification for details.

Tap OK to save your parameters, or Cancel to get back to the original config, without saving your modifications. That brings you back to the Home page.

Let us now go to the Logging page. Tap the Logging button.

Free memory is displayed, as well as voltage.

Tap Start Recording to begin the logging.

If the device is correctly connected, if the prefix is the right one, and if the serial port produces the sentences you have indicated in the config panel, you will see the data coming in. The number of records in the database is indicated.

To stop the logging, tap the Stop Recording button.

It is your responsability to reset the Database. This operation is actually to be performed before you begin a new logging session, or after you have downloaded the logged data on your home computer, using the provided conduit.

Be careful, this operation cannot be undone.

Once the logging has been stopped, you can go back to the home page.

You have the possibility to check out the logged data directly from the Palm application.

Tap the browse button.

You have to open the database first.

Tap the Open DB button

You should see a message.

THe arrows allow you to navigate from record to record.

The number of records is also displayed, as well as the index of the current record. First record has number zero. You can also use the Goto button to go directly to a specific record.

You have to close the database when you are done, before going to any other page. Tap the Close button.

Next, you can navigate back to the Home page.

All operations performed using the buttons can also be performed from the Menu.
For details, check out http://www.nmea.org
The data you have logged have to be downloaded on your home computer to be analyzed or displayed. This download operation is performed by a Conduit, triggered by the synchronization of the Palm with the home computer.

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